What is included with the Truck & Trailer Outlook?

The FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook is a comprehensive service that is updated monthly and provides everything your team needs to forecast the Class 4-8 Commercial Vehicle and Trailer Market.

The Truck & Trailer Outlook, powered by Freight•cast™, is delivered monthly with a pdf report, a historical and forecasted database, and a graphics and tables package. You'll have everything that you need to accurately forecast and defend your beliefs to the C-Suite.
Some of the report features that will benefit you:
  • Quarterly forecasts 2-year projection
  • Yearly forecasts 5-year projection
  • Coverage of Class 8, Commercial Trailers, and Medium Duty
  • Class 8 forecasts of production by NAFTA segment
  • Class 4 & 5 combined through NAFTA segments
  • Class 6 & 7 combined through NAFTA segments
  • Forecasts showing US retail sales
  • Trailer production by major US segment
  • Canadian & Mexican trailer production
There are various components published throughout the month as part of the service that you can view when you log in to your online account. Highlights of what is included with the Truck and Trailer Outlook Service Monthly Service Components:
  • N.A. Class 8 Preliminary Net Order Report published during the first week of the month when order numbers are received from truck OEMs.
  • Trailer Preliminary Net Orders between the 1-2nd week of the month when numbers are received from trailer OEMs.
  • Monthly Market Indicator Data published between 2-3 weeks of the month for both N.A. Class 8 and U.S. Trailer
  • Flash Update publishes 1 week before the end of the month and provides a summary of numbers needed to evaluate current market conditions. Includes orders, backlog along with the forecast.
  • Monthly Report published on the last business day each month along with the final database file and graphics package. This provides comprehensive commentary, reports of data, and analysis. The extensive graphics package of preformatted slides is included each month. Excel databases (full history and forecast) for class 4-7, class 8, and trailers
Other service benefits:
  • Monthly webinars highlighting CV activity and quarterly in-depth webinars exclusive for Truck and Trailer subscribers
  • Monthly State of Freight webinars, and Ask the Expert webinars
  • Up to 5 users account included for ease of distribution and access.
  • Information is available on a secure site, and users are notified via email when information is published each month.
  • Access to FTR's team of industry subject matter experts.
  • Podcasts, supplemental economic and industry research, and more!