Why is the Class 8 indicator database included with the Truck and Trailer Outlook a valuable tool?

A key component included with the FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook, the Class 8 indicator database, will help your team stay ahead of shifts in the marketplace.

Key indicators of the beginning and end of sales cycles in the commercial vehicle market are delivered directly to your client portal as part of your subscription to the FTR Truck & Trailer Outlook service.

Use data directly from the OEMs to monitor trends and protect against forecast bias with a monthly database updated for US/CAN/MEX/Exports/Total NA with:

  •  New Orders - The total (gross) orders received during the time period.
  • Cancellations - Orders that have been received, entered, but are subsequently
    cancelled and removed from the backlog.
  • Net Orders - New Orders minus Cancellations for the time period.
  • Retail Sales - Units sold to end users.
  • Factory Shipments - Built units that have been shipped out of the factory.
  • Backlog/Build Ratio - The Backlog divided by the Build for a given month. Gives
    an indication if production rates are too high or low for the
    current order volume. Also called ‘New Truck Lead Time’.
  • Inventory/Sales Ratio - The Inventory divided by Retail Sales for a given month.
    Gives an indication if inventory is too high or too low for the
    current sales volume.
  • Cancellations as a percentage of New Orders
  • Cancellations as a percentage of Backlog