What is included with the FTR Closer Look Tank Car report?

70+ pages of in-depth market analysis for your team to make educated fleet investment decisions and proper market sizing by car type.

Each car type is scrutinized in detail and provides your team the fundamental understanding of where the market is headed. You'll get 4 pages by car type that covers:

  • Fleet demographics
    • Characteristics
    • Capacity
    • Age
    • Ownership
  • Data Metrics
    • Fleet size
    • Average age
    • Carload traffic
    • New deliveries
    • Fleet growth
  • Commodity traffic
  • Market conditions that 
  • New Delivery Owner Profile

You'll receive the above information for the overall market and each fleet segment, including the following car types:

  • All Tank Cars
  • General Purpose Cars
    • Small General Purpose Tank Cars
    • 20,000 gallon General Purpose Tank Cars
    • 23,500 gallon General Purpose Tank Cars
    • 25,500 gallon General Purpose Tank Cars
    • Large General Purpose Tank Cars
  • Pressure Tank Cars
    • Small Pressure Tank Cars
    • Medium Pressure Tank Cars
    • Large Pressure Tank Cars
  • Specialty Pressure Tank Cars