How to Allowlist FTR Emails

If you are not receiving FTR emails, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox.

  • Add your FTR contacts to your email client address book. This tells the inbox that it should expect to receive emails coming from that address. Each email client has a different process for adding email addresses, which can be found in their help documentation.
    View the documentation here
  • Open and click links in emails you receive from FTR. This tells your inbox to trust emails coming from us. An email client is always learning; if you continue to open and click on your emails, the email client will learn to accept those emails in the future.
  • Move emails found in your SPAM/junk folder back to the inbox. This tells the inbox where to place that email in the future.

Some companies have strict firewalls in place and you will need to work with your IT team:

  • Have your IT/Email team allowlist to tell your email server that it should expect to receive emails coming from any address containing our domain. For example, you may receive emails from,,,, etc.
  • Have your IT/Email team allowlist our sending IP addresses: