Intermodal market segments explained

Unlike other FTR metrics with a focus on freight and tonnage, the Intermodal Market Segments track the move of equipment.

Domestic freight being moved in 20', 40', or 45' containers will be counted as INTERNATIONAL. International cargo transloaded into Domestic Containers or trailers is counted as DOMESTIC.

- International
Includes movements of Containers of the following lengths only: 20', 40', and 45'.

- Domestic
Includes movements of Trailers and all other Containers not included in International movements. Trailers of the following lengths: 20', 28', 40', 45', 48', 53'+. Containers of the following lengths: 48', 53'+. Reported movements of 28' containers are converted to 28' trailers, as all 28' containers are reportedly permanently mounted on chassis and moving as trailers.