How does FTR come up with a Truckload rates index?

Understanding the rate pressures on a national level requires

Truck rate data:
FTR's truck rate data comes from numerous sources including leading load boards, associations, private data, and government indices.

The data is collected, adjusted to create comparable data and indexed so all source data is kept confidential. The data is adjusted to reflect revenue per loaded mile, excluding fuel surcharges, but indexed to 2008Q1 as our base level.

The data is then put into either spot or contract, depending on the source (i.e. load board data goes into our spot metrics and association data goes into contract. This is an imprecise method, but give us the clean distinctions that are necessary for aggregating the data.

Our forecast utilizes changes in FTR's exclusive Active Truck Utilization metric to measure changes in potential pricing power, along with near-term adjustments by our market experts to account for current pricing dynamics and expected market behaviors.