How accurate is the FTR Rail Equipment Outlook Forecast?

At the end of each Q1, FTR takes a step back and looks at how accurate our equipment forecasts were for the previous year.

Due to the extended Coronavirus coverage, we have not yet had the time to process the 2019 Rail Equipment Forecast Accuracy report.   

The image below shows the entire North America railcar deliveries for 2016-2018.   If you would like to see the forecast accuracy breakdown by individual car type, click here: Forecast Accuracy Report - Rail Equipment 2018 

Final North American railcar deliveries for 2018 were 50,803 units.

The 2018 forecast was essentially within the
20% range throughout the 3 year horizon,
although it did drop just out of that range for a
single quarter.

• The one year forecast for 2018 was off by just 1,770
units, or 3.5%.

• By the one year mark the overall forecast was
essentially right on the mark, although the mix
of railcar types did shift during that time.