Which industries trust FTR Freight Focus products?

Carriers, railroads, major shippers, brokers, and financial institutions rely on FTR to help them make sense of the dynamic freight transportation market.

Since 1985, FTR has been tracking 209 commodity codes at the 3-digit STCC code across all modes of transportation.  

The FTR Shippers Update provides a high-level overview of all ground modes of transportation through the lens of a major shipper.

The FTR Trucking Update covers the freight and rate environment across the major trailer types from the perspective of a fleet manager.

The FTR Rail Update gives you a comprehensive overview of the current U.S. rail freight environment with carload analysis by major car type and the detailed commodity tracking of the top 20 AAR commodity codes.

The Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast platform provides you with visibility and trends in equipment size and type, volume by lane, exports, and imports by port region, and more.

These services, powered by the award-winning FTR Freight•cast™ methodology are trusted by the leading companies in the following industries:

  • major shippers
  • carriers
  • brokers
  • 3PLs
  • 4PLs
  • railroads
  • financial institutions

The Freight Focus product line can be purchased as a bundle or with an individual report focused on the modes of transportation that impact your line of business the most.