Does a higher FTR Driver Pressure Index mean more drivers are available?

Measuring the number of drivers in the system is only the tip of the iceberg. Here's a quick overview of the other factors we pay attention to when forecasting driver pressure.

  1. FTR is measuring 'active' class 8 drivers - there is no explicit data for this. There is data on how many registered CDL drivers there are, but that is not what we are measuring.
  2. The Truck Driver Pressure Index measure how close to equilibrium the market is. A zero reading indicates the right amount of active equipment/drivers for the current level of demand. When positive, it indicates that we are short of active drivers/equipment. When negative, we have an oversupply of active drivers/equipment for the current level of demand. This is impacted by freight demand, productivity, and the flow of drivers in/out of the market.